Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pizza Pizza!!!

Who doesn't like pizza?! And who doesn't like making new creations?!... NO ONE!!! Thats right, everyone has a creative side and everyone likes food, so why not do both for dinner! Easy crust recipe + sauce+favorite toppings = dinner in a snap!!!

stretchy dough is SO fun, easy to fling and you can fool people into thinking you know what your doing :)

Crusts are made to order... Stuffed crust, thin crust, thick crust, anyway you like it, it can be done.

These pizza's were thick crust, tomato base with mozzarella and green Olives and the bottom was thin crust, pest base, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and Feta. Both hit the spot quite nicely, if I do say so myself! Pizza night should be a weekly activity in all homes. Its great family time, date night and creative opportunity.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nanner Bread anyone?!

Who doesn't like the smell of Banana Bread baking in the oven?! Maybe you like it with a thin layer of butter melting on top of a slice, or a toasted piece with PB and Jelly on top?! Or maybe your a dunker ( like me) and prefer a warm slice dunked in a Cold glass of Orange Juice! Mmmm mmm, I am making myself hungry... Anyway you eat it, you can't go wrong with a fresh loaf of Banana Bread for a great start to your morning.

Pumpkin Frosted Goodness!

These are perfect for a fall treat. When the leaves start falling and the colors change, these will satisfy any taste bud. They are light, fluffy and oh so tasty. I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin items but these little loads of goodness are just the right amount of flavor and spice! As you can see, I made an abundance to share with neighbors in the fall season. These guys are also very tasty without the fluffy frosting. Whatever your preference, you will be satisfied!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello Spring time!!!

I don't know about you but I amREADY for warmer weather and summer. But until that comes lets enjoy some Spring time. I love the colors and joy spring brings with it. Every thing is in bloom, calves bound in open fields and the colors are so vibrant!

About 5 years ago or so my mom and I started a tradition on Valentines day to make sugar cookie cut-out hearts of all sizes and give them to people at church. They were a hit, and so much fun making & decorating each one. The reds, pinks, whites, sprinkles and love:)
One day we were at a kitchen store downtown Colorado Springs and saw cookie cut outs of Bunnies, Flowers, & Eggs and thought, "How fun, we can do Spring/Easter cookies." The more we got talking the more fun it sounded... Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Sprinkles of all shapes and colors. Whew this was gonna be a project but a FUN day!

We started mid morning and didn't finish till evening but here are some items we created!